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2017 Holiday Gift Drive Wish List


This year we are doing the wish list for our Sparkle families a bit differently. We have created a DreamList where almost all of the gifts for the families are listed (see notes below). We've been very focused this year on making sure the families get quality gifts they need and want and less on quantity. Therefore we have specific items chosen and, in the comments for those items, the "family name" and the person. Please make sure to mark this information on your gift. You don't have to buy the gifts online, but we thought we'd make it easy for those that would like to. Go through the list and Reserve and Buy LOTS of gifts (local shopping is highly encouraged)!

In addition to the specific items by family and person, we've also noted some of the specific family requests that can't be found online. We have separate funds set aside for these wishes. Please read some of the stories below and contribute to these specific needs!

Please deliver gifts by December 7th! The Wrap-a-thon is December 8th-10th. Please sign up today, if you haven't already.

Gifts can be sent to the Sparkle Foundation headquarters, if purchased online. If you wish to drop off in person, please email Brooke at to coordinate delivery and for the local address.

Sparkle Foundation, Inc.
448 Ignacio Blvd. #128
Novato, CA 94949

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity this holiday season. We have truly deserving families and we can't wait to introduce you to them!

(Please note that the Wish List can take a minute to load - so many amazing items! Be patient. Thank you!)

Family: Beam

In addition to the items on our the DreamList, the Beam Family has a very special need. The mother of the family is in need of major dental work. The person who nominated her had this to say:

For about 4 years now [the mother] has been missing a front tooth. Tooth replacement has always been too expensive despite all her attempts at saving up. She used to be known as the sweet warm-hearted lady with a smile always on her face. After the loss she became incredibly insecure about her appearance and no longer smiles. Talking, trying to cover her mouth, has become a normal thing in her life and it saddens me deeply to watch how over the years she has changed. All I can ask for Christmas for this wonderful lady is if possibly anything that would help replace her tooth.”

To donate to this wonderful woman's dental work costs, please click the link below.

"This single mother is the strongest person I know. She is also the most giving person I know. She faced being homeless with her 14 year old daughter after being put on the streets by her father whom she had moved across state to help. Getting back on her feet, she is an active volunteer with the R.E.S.T program serving the homeless community and is part of her church’s worship team showing up early every Sunday to play drums and sing. She puts a smile on every face she encounters and warms the room."

Family: Luster

After the sudden death of her father and also being forced to move out of their previous residence, this family (mother, father, and 3yo daughter) finally became homeowners and moved into their own home in Santa Rosa. Just THREE WEEKS later they lost everything in the wildfires. They, like many families, had to leave suddenly in the middle of the night and had no time to take any personal belongings. They had to leave behind their two cats as they narrowly escaped getting trapped inside the home themselves. They drove away with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Everything they owned including wedding rings, family photos, and treasured mementos from her father were burned. Despite this tragedy, the family, and especially the mother, has maintained an amazing positive attitude. She believes deeply in counting one's blessings and paying it forward.

The person that nominated her had this to say:

She is such a kind and generous person. [She] believes that most of the things her family lost were just stuff but what remains is the love and bond with her family. Although she does not place a huge value on physical belongings I know her family has experienced hardship with losing everything. I would love to see her and her family have a little sparkle this holiday season.”

Let’s help this family get that Sparkle back!

Family: Brilliance

The Brilliance Family is led by a single mother of three teenage children, two boys and a girl, who have been through so much in the last 5 months. This year, the father of the children was murdered in San Francisco, which, of course, devastated this family. She is so heartbroken yet still finds ways to help others through their hardships. A month after her children’s father was murdered her father passed away, adding more pain to her already broken heart…and yet she is still available for anyone who needs her. Three weeks after losing her father, playing soccer, the mother badly injured her knee for which she had to have surgery. And, because life is never easy, she had to move prior to the surgery. Being the strong woman that she is, with an injured knee, hardly being able to walk, limited funds, and all odds against her, she managed to come up with the money to pay for the rent and deposit for the new place. She is right now on disability and unable to do much since she is not very mobile. 

The person that nominated her had this to say:

Quite honestly, I don’t know how she does it…but I couldn’t think of another person more deserving of some help during these holidays than her. And the reason for that is because she has a great heart and is always helping someone in any way she can regardless of what she is going through. I think she deserves a little happiness and appreciation given all she has been through in such short time.”

Family: Glisten

So imagine this was your year: Escaping your abusive husband, you and your young daughter live in your car for three months and then, after finally being taken in by a shelter, find an apartment. Your daughter falls and breaks her elbow. And soon thereafter you fall, getting a major concussion. You get into a car accident that totals your car. Oh, and did I mention that you are disabled from the abuse so bus travel isn't easy? This is the year had by the Glisten Family. And they are doing everything they can to improve their situation. 

The mother just wants to have a nice Christmas for her daughter, who has been through so much:

My daughter is an angel. She is 9 and she helps me all the time and she never complains. She is my rock and she deserves way more than what she’s been through. She is kind and smart and loves animals.”

The mother also had this to say, "Through it all we keep on surviving and pushing forward and strive for a better tomorrow." Aren't we all! Let's help this lovely family brighten this awful year they had.

Family: Bright

The Bright Family is led by a single mom of three kids who was described like this:

"She’s a hard-working nurse who lives paycheck to paycheck but does anything and everything she can for her kids and her patients, often beyond her means. She gives her kids an incredible life never letting on how much of a struggle it is for her to do just that. She is selfless and loving and makes everything an adventure. She brings joy to all she meets even on her most challenging days. She refuses to be anyone’s burden and will in fact take on the burdens of just about anybody else cause she’s the epitome of strength. I’d love for her to enjoy this holiday season by allowing Sparkle to help eliminate some of the financial burden. I want her to experience the same joy she tirelessly brings to everyone else."

This woman's life isn't tragic. She doesn't have an awful story to tell. She is just kicking life's ass and never asks for help. This is an amazing example of where Sparkle shines. Lightening the load for an awesome person.