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What is Sparkle?


This is Sparkle Foundation Inc's story. It's amazing.

To Sparkle is to live a life with purpose. 

Our focus is simple: women helping women, children helping children, people helping people. 
The Mission of the Sparkle Foundation is to make sure women and children have a sparkle in their eyes. We help women because women rarely ask for help. We help children because they are many of times victims of others circumstances. We help people because, many of us will never know what it is like to not have food in our fridge, or not wake up to a house full of toys on Christmas, more importantly have basic items like a fresh pair of pants or clean toothbrush. Together we really can make a difference, and teach our children to do the same. 


How did the Sparkle Foundation come to be?


"Nine years ago I was 26 years old and wanted to make a difference. Disenchanted after having learned how many “charities” spend donated funds benefiting themselves and not the intended people, I decided to find my own families in need over the holidays.

I would go to the main post office in Los Angeles and sift through their “Dear Santa Letters.” Reading stories from children who would never see a Christmas filled with toys, new clothes and Christmas dinner, I knew this was my calling.  Gathering all the info I could, I would then create lists of what I needed and go out and spread the word.

Clients, friends, family and anyone with a pulse...I would ask them to help. Some would donate toys, some food, some clothes, and some cash. Using any of the funds I received, I would then go an pick up all the items I wasn’t able to obtain and complete my lists.

I assembled a team of family and friends to sort, wrap, and then physically hand over these goods to the people who needed them personally. From start to finish, this was 100% volunteer, and 100% of the funds/goods went where they were needed. 

From start to finish, this was 100% volunteer, and 100% of the funds/goods went where they were needed.

Fast forward to the this last year, my little program has grown into so much more than I could have ever imagined. In December 2015 we raised $30,000 in toys, food, clothing and necessities and helped 14 families. My elves have grown from 4-5 of us to over 100+ people getting involved at various levels. The second Saturday in December has become known as the “Wrap-a-thon.” This last year we had over 70 women and their daughters in my home wrapping gifts. Then we delivered to the families directly… The energy and community of that day is unbelievably magical. 


Why don’t you start your own non-profit? We can do so much more.”


"Why don’t you start your own non-profit? We can do so much more .” This had become a question I was hearing more and more. So now here we are. I threw the name Sparkle out … and it stuck! 

To me, when you hand off a basket of food or diapers to a mother, a bag of presents to a child, there is this look in their eye… it is a SPARKLE.

The people involved in our process, too, always stop me after we are all done and say what an impact this had on them personally, how good this made them feel… it makes you light up inside (Sparkle!) 

And now we have the opportunity to do just much more! The Sparkle Foundation is a community of people who just want to help bring that feeling...that SPARKLE...back into the lives of people who may have lost it somewhere along the way.

I invite you to join us in our mission. Become a Sparkler! Donate, volunteer, nominate. Sparkle!"

- Samantha Tradelius, Founding Director, Sparkle Foundation, Inc.