Get Involved

The Sparkle Foundation is always looking to find women and families to Sparkle. Tell us your story, and how we can make a difference. We focus primarily on single mothers and their children. Once nominated the Sparkle Board of Directors reviews EVERY application. We then let you know how or if we can help. We focus on women because they never ask and their children for they are simply victims of circumstance.


To nominate a child for one of our Enrichment Program Scholarships, a one time gift to help a child access programs they might not normally be able to attend, please click below.


Wine Country Fires Donation Drive

We are raising money and collecting goods to donate to families affected by the devastating Wine Country Fires. With over 5,700 homes gone there are a lot of families with no Insurance or other means to get on their feet. SPARKLE CAN HELP. 100% of every dollar goes to where it is supposed to. Not just now…ALWAYS. This is the founding principal of the Sparkle Foundation. We are WOMEN helping WOMEN. 

We are not currently accepting nominations for our Holiday Gift Drive. Stay tuned for our announcement in the Fall 2018.